Restore crashes freepbx

our pbxact 300 hard drive failed again this is the second drive in 12 months the first went after just one month they are really poor quality drives sangoma seem to be using. there are 2 drives raided but the system turned off after the drive failed s owe tried to boot the other drive nothing we then found there was no boot config on the second drive so we managed to use a linux repair to get that sorted and the drive then booted.
We also tried the sangoma pbx recovery usb key doesnt work which was helpful.
We then decided to test the full backups the phone system has been taking so on a pc we are trying to find the correcdt version of freepbx but cant seem to get the correct version (PBXact the closest i have got is version (freepbx when i do a restore it kills the box and i have to rebuild it again does any one have any idea how i can get the correct version

We have gotten Samsung SSD Mainstream hard drives in our pbxact system which we also have in our desktop pcs in our company. I cannot confirm this. How is the PBX Stored? Some people have it in a hot dirty room without air condition and so on and then wondering why its broken after a year or so…i already have seen so much things in the past :sob::sob:. But maybe you just got a broken hard disk charge. This could happen to anyone in the mass production. :sob:

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Yes, Sangoma products utilize the Samsung EVO line of SSDs

they didnt with our first pbxact some cheap mexican ssd first one failed within a month and the second has just popped after 12 months the phone system is kept in air con server room we have now brought another pbxact which does have Samsung ssd so there was obviously a problem with the cheap drives in the original pbxact. we are now trying to restore backup from the live pbxact to the new pbx so we have a hot swapable for when the live system fails which we have had lots of problems with and support is pretty poor and not worth paying for.

Years ago we used OWC drives. Not some cheap no name drive. They are a US based company and had great results in our testing and a good reputation but we did see higher failure rates after awhile then we wanted so we switched to Samsung but that was over a year ago now going on closer to two years when weade the switch.

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