Restore causing DB issues

Hello All,

I have a situation where we want to upgrade hardware on a FreePBX server so we backup to disk and rsync the file from one server to the other. Then restore and to the new server and once that completes we take the original server down, change the IP address of the new server and reboot. Once thats done we end up with errors of not being able to connect to one database or another and in the end the server just ends up with a problem.

Is there a documented procedure that I can reference?
I was not specific here with what databases etc ( I know ) because I just said to myself I’ll do it again… 3 times later and 3 installations later ( re download from scratch ) I’m back to square one.

After finding out if there is something I am missing procedure wise, I will re attempt and document should I have an error again.

I am running FreePBX on both servers.