Restore backup to newer hardware fails

I built a new FreePBX box to upgrade the hardware of an existing (functional) system.

Then, my older functional FreePBX system I upgrade to the latest version (v14).

Both machines have the same software versions.

The backup from the older hardware will not restore to the newer hardware. “Restore” finds the *.tgz file but, “clicking” the ‘restore’ button the page flashes, the *.tgz drops off and nothing appears to happen. Further checking and no, the backup did not restore.

Now, the old hardware is an Intel box running a dual core Pentium with Raid1 mirrored hard drives. The newer hardware is a quad core box with 8Gb RAM and a single 180Gb msata ssd. (If the hardware is the issue.)

Forum searches of this issue yield nothing on the latest FreePBX version 14.

I thought it was this simple but perhaps not. What am I doing wrong?

Is the backup file on the source or destination pbx?
If source, try using winscp and put it on the destination and run the restore.

I did as you suggested and WINSCP my backup into the newer machine. But, I discovered that I needed to do one simple backup on the newer machine to create the directory where backups are stored. THEN I dropped my backup from older machine into newer machine with WINSCP.

In the newer machine I then had to ‘find’ the backup. (Typing this from memory as I did this a week or more ago.) I stumbled upon a “local storage” options, sorry cannot remember where exactly and there I found my waiting backup.

Turned off older hardware, restored the backup to the newer machine and BAM, everything connected. The only thing I had to do manually was reassign the ip address on the newer machine as to not have to change a bunch of IPSense firewall settings. Restarted the newer machine and everything worked.

With your help and a little thought, I figured out how to upgrade my hardware and keep my working setup.

Thanks to everyone who works on this and has the common sense to see the needs of the little guy, like me.

Open source is the BEST. More helpful than preparatory software society everyday. Again, THANKS!!!

(Sorry it took me so long to say thanks.)

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