Restore 13 backup to 15 fails

Hi there

I am trying to transfer my FreePBX 13 backup file (it’s a *.tgz file) to a fresh FreePBX 15 setup.
As 15 does not recognize the *.tgz file I simply rename it to *.tar.gz.
But this does not work neither. The Restore function ends with:

"Determining backup file type…type is legacy
Legacy CDR Restore Option: 1

In Legacy.php line 11:

Declaration of FreePBX\modules\Backup\Handlers\Restore\Legacy::process($use
inmemory) should be compatible with FreePBX\modules\Backup\Handlers\Restore

Is my backup file from 13 faulty? Any other suggestions?


I’d guess not, but it does sound like something you might want to drop a ticket on if someone else doesn’t pop up with a solution.

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