Restarting FreePBX

I now have FreePBX installed on an x86 machine after previously only using RasPBX. With RasPBX if you restart the Pi, everything comes back on automatically. With FreePBX on Sangoma OS, Asterisk itself doesn’t seem to start until I login to the server at the command prompt. Is that correct? Thanks

No, that is not correct, it just take a couple more seconds to start. You might be seeing the restart after the login as a coincidence. Just let it seat a couple of minutes without logging in and you will see that is starts.

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Thanks - good to know! Now I just have to resolve the “new interface detected error”


You need to set the interface type on the firewall admin page.

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Not often, but more than I expect (which is never), I will see Asterisk not start after a reboot.

fwconsole restart and it will come up. Or a second reboot and it always comes up, so far.

It has never happened often enough that I have taken the time to troubleshoot anything. Maybe once in 20 reboots. So about every other month I see it some place.

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