Restapps upgrade not possible, endpoint missing after update to FreePBX15

After upgrading my system to FreePBX15 the dashboard shows me a warning “restapps (Cur v. should be upgraded to v. to fix security issues: SEC-2020-004”. It seems that restapps in the module tab is named “Phone Apps” at least that’s the module that pops up but when I try to upgrade it tells me “missing requirement: The Module Named “endpoint” is required.”. I looked through the modules but there’s no module “endpoint”, I guess in the module admin page it has a different name. But can someone tell me 1.) what “endpoint” is and why it is missing (cause I don’t see any not installed modules) and 2.) why this stuff in the dasboard and the requirements doesn’t show it’s real name and how can I find out what modules like “restapps” or “endpoint” really are?

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