RestApps Suddenly Not Licensed

After years of not having any issue with my RESTApps today I came in started getting “xml failed to load” messages on all of our end-points. After a bit of digging I found there seems to be a licensing issue with out RestApps. When I run “fwconsole restart” I am getting a red “RestApps is not licensed” message. I checked the FPBX client portal and verified that I have a 25 year license on the RESTApps for this specific deployment. I’m not sure what else could be causing the issues.

FreePBX: 10.13.66-22 (
Asterisk: 13.19.1
(All modules are up-to-date and yum updates are current)

It’s possible your pbx lost its deployment registration. If not, probably fastest to open a support ticket so we can investigate.

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