Restapps over VPN not working

Running latest FreePBX 13, latest edge modules, Asterisk 13 PJSIP. I can’t seem to get any phone apps to work over the phone VPN connection (T46g using built in VPN). Everything else is ok(Can make and receive calls, BLF’s work). I’m also not seeing anything in the apache logs.

Works fine for me, but I am testing with the T41. Log into the GUI of the phone and see what URL is programmed for the REST App buttons.

Hi Lorne,

It’s actually a T42G. Been a long night! I am showing the correct IP and port under the URL. is my FREEPBX local IP. It almost seems like only VOIP traffic is traversing the VPN. Any ideas how to troubleshoot?

So it seems it’s not showing the correct IP under the URL for the rest apps. I changed it to and it’s happy now. So I guess my question is did I provision incorrectly? I provisioned the phone on site using commercial EPM and then took it home to test.

I think this is an EPM bug. File a ticket at