Restapps and endpoint upgrade

OK…this topic has been discussed many times of how to upgrade modules with or without maintenance but I don’t understand why every time there is always some sort of a trick that we need?restapp needs an upgrade because of vulnerability issue. Nothing new. As many times stated we have to do endpoint upgrade as well (by the way both restapps and endpoint manager are under maintenance with Sangoma). So I’m doing the usual stuff:
fwconsole ma downloadinstall --tag endpoint and the plan was to do
fwconsole ma downloadinstall --tag restapps after that.

This time did not work. I have restapps stuck in and endpoint

How can I resolve that this time?

I just read the modules are under maintenance.
Did you try to upgrade the other modules first? Like framework ?

Sergio, how long does it usually take? Is there a public resource available for this sort of maintenance where we can check? We can certainly wait, it’s just something that will be nice to know in advance. Thanks.

Maintenance is renewed annually:

Lorne, we were talking about publicly available information when Sangoma performs package maintenance and users can’t upgrade modules. Is there anything like that? Thanks

it seems Sangoma maintenance was completed. Thanks for letting me know that that was the cause of the issue. As I said, it will be nice to know when this kind of events are occurring.

I am sure Sangoma sends emails when the license is going to expire, you should take a look at your email.

Sergio, I have no issue with the maintenance license. I’m talking about when your servers are under maintenance and users can’t upgrade their modules.

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