REST Visual Voicemail on Yealink SIP-T48G: No Audio

Tested on Yealink SIP-T48G and T-46G, Visual Voicemail button works, everything displays on screen correctly, but when we try to Play the voicemail, no audio is heard.

I understand that Yealink phones are buggy with XML apps as explained in the Wiki. But this is so close to working, I just thought I’d post to see if anyone had a solution. Thanks for reading.

What version of Asterisk are you using?

Asterisk version 11.16.0
FreePBX Distro version 6.12.65-26

I just tested with a 46G and it worked fine. Also note Yealink has finally signed on to become certified so they are working with us after 2 years of trying with them to get the bugs in their XML fixed so the apps will be fully supported.

Please note Visual Voicemail requires Asterisk 11 to have the APIs into app_voicemail we need to handle playback.

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Make sure you have everything updated but it works fine here when I tested.

Thank you for testing. I’m glad to hear that Yealink is working with you now.

I’ve checked my config and everything is updated. This is possibly a user error. I’ll have my user re-test and I’ll test it myself if necessary, then I’ll report back.

I had the user re-test. It turns out he had DND turned on to facilitate leaving a test voicemail.

With DND turned on, visual voicemail works except no audio on played voicemails.
With DND turned off, everything including audio works as expected.

Huzzah! You bummed me out so much at Astricon about this I started looking at Aastra - but my customers seem to love the Yealinks - this is fabulous news!