REST Phone Apps for Grandstream?

A month or so back I recall seeing an announcement on the FreePBX site indicating that the FreePBX team was working with Grandstream on REST Phone Apps. The announcement seems to have disappeared. Is this still in the works and if so is there an ETA?

Thanks – Steve

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Their is no ETA yet as we are waiting on firmware changes and fixes from Grandstream still. Also they have only added support for their newer 2130, 2140 and 2160

Any movement on this? Thx.

Any News? Would be nice because we have to integrate some Grandstream phones in future

An update would be useful. We have about 700 Grandstream 2130,2140,2160 phones.

I realize that this probably not a huge priority for either Samgoma or Grandstream but it’s been nearly a year since my original post and there’s been no progress or updates. Can we expect this anytime in the near future of should we consider REST Apps on the Grandstream a pipe dream?

Nothing ever moved forward on this and certification with them

We would also like to see support for phone apps for Grandstream phones. Even if just starting with some like visual voicemail. I know this is a commercial module but is there any way I can contribute to this?