Rest API and Queue functonality

I want to make a call center softphone app with rest api. But now I found there is no queue functionality like QueueAdd,QueuePause,QueueRemove in AMI . Is it true or I miss something?

The AMI commands are well documented:

freepbx*CLI> manager show command Queue
QueueAdd              QueueLog              QueueMemberRingInUse  QueuePause
QueuePenalty          QueueReload           QueueRemove           QueueReset
QueueRule             Queues                QueueStatus           QueueSummary

yes, I know the Queue functionality can be used in AMI and I have already write a agent phone app use AMI. But when I want to implement hold functionality, I find it is no command in AMI for me to do it. After check the document, I found ARI channels API has hold support, but it seems no API for Queue operation in ARI. Now I am trying to use AMI and ARI together to implement the hold functionality and still drilling on howto put a call make by AMI to ARI statis application context to use channels/channelid/hold function.

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