Responsive Firewall not working correctly


we are using responsive firewall for cloud hosted PBX Systems.

The Firewall sometimes blocks dynamic IP Adresses from customers that should not be blocked. One customer only has 1 SPA112 Adapter and one Cordless TGP600 Phone. Re-Registers every 30-60 seconds.

After about 24 hours the customers IP is blocked.

Today i tried to get blocked from a test machine but responsive firewall dont blocks my ip.

Only Fail2ban blocks me after 8 auth attempts. With a sipvicious attack fail2ban blocks me after about 1850 attempts.

I try to find out why responsive firewall blocks my customer but i cannot figure out how to test if responsive firewall works as it should.

Update: I added my host to intrusion detection whitelist. Now i can successfully check that Responsive firewall blocks me after too much packets.

Is the firewall anywhere logged to find out a reason why the firewall blocked the ip?

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