Responsive firewall constantly blocking remote users

Hi @arielgrin ,

I have my FreePBX on a virtual server with Vultr, so there is no way that I can setup the router. Could you please guide me on how to do it step by step? I’m sorry to bother you but I’m new to FreePBX and this is the last step to complete my project. Thanks again for your cooperation.

Do you have a license for sysadmin pro? If not, you probably want to follow the online tutorial to install openvpn from scratch, I’m probably not aware of all the steps involved while installing from scratch.

An easier and quicker way perhaps ?

it does all the heavy lifting for you.

To this day the Responsive Firewall is still an issue. With many users now working from home, the situation is untenable.

Users leaving their home WiFi jumping to 4G are constantly disconnected, often cannot reconnect for several minutes.

Testing with an allow SIP rule, the problem is no longer there.

The RF has no documentation, no documented way to look at logs and no way to tune it’s functionality.

Another approach worth checking is to use VoIP tunneling, instead of a responsive firewall, for remote users. It works by managing communication to/from the softphones and forwarding calls to your PBX server using a standard SIP protocol. The main advantage is that all traffic from the softphones to the PBX comes from a single IP address that needs to be whitelisted on the Firewall. Tunnels often come as server software or as a cloud service with integrated softphones. As a drawback, you might need to change softphone apps for remote users and maintain the tunnel. But once set up, it can scale easily for any number of users, and they don’t need to use VPN or anything like that. VoIP tunnels are also used to bypass VoIP blockages in some countries.

Hey there, I have the same problem. I opened a ticket there :

There is an issue opened for this here.

Did you reach to have a normal behavior without compromising the security ?
I don’t want using VPN on smartphones for now.

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