Responsive Firewall - Cannot add networks

i cannot add Networks to my Firewall…
I have SNG7 with latest Edge modules installed.

This is also affecting “Blocked Hosts”.

If i try to delete blocked hosts they do not get deleted. :frowning:

@lgaetz Is there a known issue with the Firewall Module?

I have this on all our PBX Systems which running on a KVM Hosted machine.

All good for me using Firewall

i am using the same. But this also happened on fresh installed sng7 distros. i remeber after fwconsole ma upgradeall the firewall rules where corrupted on all distros. How can i fix a corrupted firewall? It was gooing up to the point where the firewall blocked responsive authentificated ip adresses after some hours for 24 hours.

The last “previous version” working is

On the other i can add single IP Adresses but no Networks with /

I’ve encountered this on several systems, all running, both on FreePBX 13 and 14 (Distro).

I opened