Response time to park

I am trying to reduce the time it takes for my phones to Park/Remove from Park. Right now, it is taking an average of 2.25 seconds for my Core I3 system to access and remove a call from park. It take my Atom system 2.8 seconds to access and remove a call from park.

These systems are both onsite LANs with Gigabit Switches. Is there any way to reduce the time any further?

We also have a Panasonic NS700 local system using IP Phones, and the Parks on there are almost instantaneous.

Something doesn’t make sense. How do you park/retrieve?

We use BLF keys, Park 1=71, Park 2=72 etc. no delays at all.

We are using the same BLF keys as well. It takes 2 seconds to connect to the Parking Lot to pull the call to that extension.

Get the log lines from /var/log/asterisk/full during the park and retrieve actions. The timestamps will tell you where the delay is. In my testing there is no delay.