Resources To Learn,Open Hardware,Where should I need to star

Hi I have asked for some help about replacing our villgae switch on

this board

and a community member has been respond me with this information

"You need a device that can switch calls from the E1 gateway to the channel banks that serve the FXS ports connected to the subscribers. Provisioning, billing, and maintenance interface requirements is what usually procludes using open source CO projects. However if you are and end office service 600 lines and don't have to meet corporate engineering standards you are good to go. So think of Asterisk as the Class 4 tandem, Class 5 end office and Feature Server (per 3GPP). I would just use a voice enabled router with a bunch of E1 ports like a Cisco ASR5400 to connect the E1 lines to Asterisk."

actually I am looking for some usefull information and

1st,I don't know where should I need to start this task;

2nd,I want to know,that is that any resources on the internet (tutorials,books, etc) that will help me with this task;

third,about the hardware,is that any resources or any open hardware projects,that might help me,because as I understood,I need to buy hardware from digium.
can we design some hardware that would be compatible with Asterisk.

Do you have any recommendations about working on this task.
I belive that Feature Server (per 3GPP) is a mobile broadband standard,but this project is all about landline and we have optical fiber and we can't use mobile network,could you please tell me about this things.
please help me with all of this issues


Best Regards

This is the same forum, and that is some of the best advice you are going to get. I have been a telephony engineer for 30 years.

You need to learn the business and decide if Asterisk/FreePBX fit your design, not the other way around.

My advice is free, do what you want but don’t open another thread in the forum because you did not like what you heard.

I took the time to give a cogent response to a very broad question. You should lookup up every word of that paragraph and study each hardware device and it’s role. You don’t seem to understand that Asterisk supports SIP and a router can convert the SIP to E1 then the channel bank to copper. Your fiber comment is out of context and meaningless.

Take the discussion back to the other thread.

Thank you my dear friend
actually I have opened this thread yesterday night
because you didn’t answered the third time.
and now you answered and I am really appreciating your answers
and thank you for all of your helps.
I think I have explained one important thing in the wrong way,
actually the PSTN is not connected using E1 it is working based on E1 but we have a two cores optical fiber connected from PSTN to our village and The PSTN is ZTE’s ZXJ10,which working based on E1,no new technology is demanded here,because of some law,like VoIP,or others.
and please note that when I have asked you about the hardware,
I wanted to know that is that possible to create the hardware on our own.
and thank you for all of your useful and free advises,it’s a pleasure to talk to an engineer,with more than 30 years of experience in this filed,you are right,I am very novice and I am
asking you to give me directions,a book,a tutorial video,etc.
I have registered in some telephony forums,but no body has been useful like you.
Thank You Very Very Much
Best Regards