Resource List not sending name, only extension

Good afternoon, all.

I created the following test resource list to see if I can use it to work around some serious BLF issues that started happening recently. But the phone is provisioning those buttons based on the data it’s seeing in the list (name and extension). Unfortunately, the name IS the extension, so the buttons are labeled uselessly.

In theory, there’s a provision that allows for the name and number to be sent with the list (so the key can self-label), but I’m not seeing the system send that out.

Here’s the list I created as a test:
type = resource_list
event = dialog
list_item = 1601
list_item = 1602
list_item = 1603
list_item = 1698
list_item = 1699
full_state = yes
notification_batch_interval = 1000

I’d be fine if I could even just put the names in the list, but I haven’t found a way to make that work.

Thoughts, anyone?

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