Resolving intermittent echos

I’m guess this is a configuration issue, hence this topic.

Occasionally, outbound callers get distorted echoes of their own voice. It’s not constant, in that it changes within a call, and is only affects some calls (even if to the same destination).

Any ideas of where I might start to look to resolve this?
The phones are all configured to use ulaw, as is the SIP trunk that goes via an spa3102 to a BT POTS line.

FXO’s though analog lines are notoriously echo prone, you will be dependent on your ATA ability to best handle it.

Things to look at are the "complex impedance " of the circuit adjusted to BT’s expectation, echo correction/suppression also is only possible on the ATA,

The SPA3100 series are well known to be incompetent here, maybe an obi?

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OK, thanks for that. The impedance should be OK, but I’ll check.

Excuse my ignorance, what’s an obi?

Somewhere, I’ve got an old 2x2 DAHDI board that I used in an old PBX, but it’s no use to me as I’m running FreePBX on a Pi. I believe there are PSTN HATs though. I’ll take a look.

Obihai (now Polycom) makes FXO/FXS ATA devices.

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