Resolving Dashboard message

Following this using “Resolve” takes me to Module Admin but provides no clue on how to resolve the problem from there. No sign of the module using the usual update. Can someone help, please.


That module is used to upgrade from 13 to 14, provided your current install complies to all the requirements needed for execution of such process. If you don’t intend to upgrade, then you don’t need that module and, as such, you can delete that message from the dashboard.

Common practice… If you know there’s a new module available in the repo, just hit “check online” then find the new mentioned module and install it if you want.

Check On Line does not come up with the module from the message.

It’s called PBX Upgrader. So yes. It’s there.


May want to make make the names match as we may not be able to translate.

Just checked and Check Online does not offer a new version and PBX Updater says it is up to date so the Dashboard message is not actually correct.
I deleted it once in the past but it came back. I am sure I can delete it but I just wanted you to know.

Well, that massage is sitting there for more than 3 months, you probably already long installed it but never dismissed the notification.

Yes it does seem old so I am not sure why it reappeared. Maybe due to the process of reinstalling the distro and restoring.

Those dashboard displays are the result of there being records in the notifications table of the asterisk database, You can arbitrarily delete them from the screen, but if the underlying cause remeains, they will be recreated . I don’t believe that they are otherwise spontaneously created randomly without a reason.

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