[RESOLVED] Table 'asterisk.custom_extensions' doesn't exist


I’ve got this message when applying my configuration change : [FATAL] SELECT custom_exten, description FROM custom_extensions [nativecode=1146 ** Table ‘asterisk.custom_extensions’ doesn’t exist]SQL -

I’ve just installed the new freepbx version and initialised my MySQL data with newinstall.sql and cdr_mysql_table.sql, and I don’t have the custom_extensions table…

Do someone have any idea please ?

it would appear to me that your install did not work properly, maybe you did not have asterisk running when you installed FreePBX. You need to uninstall and then reinstall the customappsreg module.

I don’t understand… isn’t the problem only in the mysql database structure ???
newinstall.sql doen’t contain any information about the custom_extensions table…
Must asterisk be installed in a RealTime way ?

thanks for your answer

uninstall and then reinstall the customappsreg module solved my problem and created the needed mysql data table.
thank you for your help

What command do I use to reinstall this module?