RESOLVED: Sysadmin Pro required for Let's Encrypt?

Is a sysadmin pro licence required to change the pbx ports and activate LetsEncrypt?

I have one system without a pro licence and when I click “update” in the port management page the changes aren’t applied.

@ashcortech This is something similar to
So could you update the sysadmin rpm and then try again?

That was the issue! thank you!

Next issue is I’m getting this error when I try to create a LetsEncrypt Certificate:

There was an error updating the certificate: Please check http://xxxx.xxxxxx.xxxxx/.well-known/acme-challenge/y06EB9HW9pkEt33_mrFYbZTnnEjuIfJ9tgoYmUaQ514 - token not available

resolved… The hostname of the system didn’t match the one I was using in the certificate request…

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