RESOLVED-Outbound CallerID suddenly being set to Extension

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(Sholinaty) #1

Within the past week or two, with no known changes on our side, we have started receiving reports that outbound calls were being sent with the CID == the users extension across our primary sip trunk.

it IS possible that modules have been updated recently.

from troubleshooting and diagnosing, it appears the be triggering in macro-outbound-callerid on this line:
exten => s,n,ExecIf($[${LEN(${USEROUTCID})} = 0 & "${OUTKEEPCID_${ARG1}}" ="off" & ${LEN(${REALCALLERIDNUM})} != 0 ]?Set(CALLERID(all)=${REALCALLERIDNUM}))

more specifically that the OUTKEEPCID_3 (trunk 3) is set to Off, which is forcing caller id to be the realcallerID number.

as confirmed by adding in a logging NoOp:
$[${LEN(${USEROUTCID})} = 0 – user has no out CID, so always true
“${OUTKEEPCID_${ARG1}}” =“off” – this IS off. so this is always true for this trunk
${LEN(${REALCALLERIDNUM})} is not 0, thats their extension. so always TRUE

a few notes

  • we cant Force a callerID on this trunk, as it allows us to use multiple caller IDs across the same trunk

  • users do not have an assigned outbound CID

  • the outbound route IS set to override extension: YES

  • the outbound route HAS a routeCID.

    • so the ROUTE should be setting CID properly.
  • the Trunk has “Hide CallerID: NO”

  • the trunk has an outbound CID
    the trunk has CID Options set to “Allow Any CID”

This was all working fine for the past year or more, so I do not understand what would have changed in the past week to break this.

our current workaround is to comment out the above-listed line and asterisk -r + core reload, however our changed get overwritten every time an apply-config is performed.

I suppose the base question is: if my Outbound Route is set to have, and use, a route callerID, why is that no longer being honored at the trunk level in macro-outbound-callerid ?

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(Sholinaty) #2

Pretty sure its this:

the update to Core changing out all of the functions that handle outbound CID.

(Sholinaty) #3

the linked module was actually a FIX for this issue, likely introduced relatively recently.

hitting Apply Config on of the CORE module now successfully resolves this issue.

(Jared Busch) #4

Are you using edge track modules?
I believe the only version of core that had this was never released except in edge