Resolved - FreePBX and Aastra XML scripts problem with Asterisk 10

I deploy FreePBX et al on Debian Squeeze. Every thing works fine with all FreePBii up to 2.10 and all Asterii up to 1.8. These deployments are using Aastra XML scripts (aastra-xml-scripts-2.3.0-1.noarch.rpm based then modified as necessary and aliened into a .deb file for deployment.). FreePBX runs on https, aastra on http.

Updateing to Asterisk 10 works mostly as expected but the voicemail LCD indicator and the flashing top led for waiting vmails no longer follows the Voicemail button led on the Aastra Phones after vmails are dealt with and deleted.

I am assuming that the same problem will be there on Centos distros. (yes I know about assuming :slight_smile: )

Possibly the wrong place to post but maybe any of you guys that have also dug into the Aastra XML scripts can shine some light on the aastra-daemon[12] asterisk version check conditional functionality that I am missing. (10*10.6 = 100.6 so a bit of a gotcha there, but that is still greater than 1.6) my guess is that maybe the sip notify stuff needs a tickle.

/etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf works better with:-


I was unfortunately all three , the ass, u and me :wink: