[RESOLVED] External calls cannot dial extension


I am not sure if this is an asterisk issue, a FreePBX issue, or an asterisk issue that can be fixed in FreePBX.

When external callers call in to our FreePBX system, if they try to dial an extension directly, after the first two digits are entered, the system will put the caller on hold and then dial a specific ring group (depending on the two digits entered)

Extensions are all 5-digit extensions but start with either “21”, “22”, or “23”.

The incoming trunk is a SIP trunk and the SIP provider has indicated that the settings on this one are the same as any other SIP trunk they provide.

There has not been much “customisation” of this FreePBX install. Pretty basic install with the installation of a couple commercial modules (endpoint manager, extension routing, Rest API, Rest Apps)

PBX firmware version is “5.211.65-20”

So assuming that the SIP trunk provider is correct and this is not from their side, then what else can or should I be looking at with regards to this? What I have already looked at:

  • Trunks: I have no dialling rules defined on them
  • Outbound routes: None of the dialling rules match anything the extensions start with
  • Everything under “Advanced Settings” and “SIP Settings” menus but could not find anything that appears to have anything to do with extension dialling

Is may be worth noting that most of these users were migrated over from another FreePBX distro box that was identical, except the DIDs were coming in on a PRI (they were all ported to a SIP trunk and new FreePBX box last week). Putting them back on the old FreePBX box is not an option, unfortunately.

Prior to last week, there were a few users who were on the the system for the last month or so, and no one indicated any of these troubles, so whether this issue started last week with the migration of these other users or it pre-existed I couldn’t tell you, though I am pretty sure I would have heard about it before now.

So anyway, the bottom line is, I am not sure if this is a config issue somewhere in asterisk/FreePBX or a trunk issue (though I just “feel” it is a config issue somewhere)

If there is any other information you need, please ask!

Thanks, in advance.


I always start with the logs… Ok not always, but /var/log/asterisk/full should be the first stop.

I started there too, but unfortunately, with all the incoming and outbound calls going it is hard to discern what belongs to the call I was making.

That being said, the only thing I am able to make out form the logs is that I can see that my call goes to a specific ring group which contains just one extension (this is the person who has been getting all the “wrong” calls)

I can’t anything in the logs as to why it is only allowing me to enter two digits and why those two digits are interpreting that as going to this specific ring group.

The extensions I am dialling in this instance are 21XXX and the ring group is 11011

Can you isolate a test call in the log and post the details?

where 28739 is a “bit” of the call, then

grep "VERBOSE\[28739\]" /var/log/asterisk/full

This is now resolved.

Thanks to dicko’s tip, I was able to make a test call, extract the call into into a text file and more closely examine what occurred during the call. The cause was that in the IVR that was being called, “Direct Dial” was disabled, so the key presses were being interpreted as menu choices.

All the IVR menus that were imported from the old phone system last week had “Direct Dial” disabled, which is my bad. It also explains why it seemed to be happening only since the migration.

So, in the case of dialling a 21XXX extension, the IVR in question was first going to option 2 on the first IVR when went to a second IVR. From there, the system then went to option 1 on this second IVR which was going to the ring group in question (and ultimately the extension that was part of this ring group)

Setting “Direct Dial” to “Extensions” like the already-existing IVRs on the system has of course put things to “normal”

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


Being after hours, that should be easy enough. I will post in a bit.

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