[RESOLVED] Cannot place call on hold


I have an odd issue that makes zero sense to me. I am not sure of it is problem with asterisk/FreePBX or the phone sets themselves. I have a new install:

  • Asterisk 13
  • PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-11
  • PBX Service Pack:
  • PJSIP extensions
  • Phone Model: Mitel (Aastra) 6867i
  • Phone firmware: (latest)

When Person A initiates a call from their phone, the hold button does not work, except as noted below. If a call comes in to Person A, the hold button works.

The exception is that if Person A makes a call, park the call, then retrieve it, then the hold button will work if they then try to put the call on hold afterwards.

And finally, I have a soft phone on my laptop setup to connect to their system. If I initiate a call from the soft phone, my hold function works.

It is this latter test (with the soft phone) that sort of leads me to believe the issue may be with the phone itself, except that as a final test, I have connected the same phone as a remote extension to an identically-configured PBX for another client (they were setup within a couple weeks of each other, so versions are the same), and when I make an outbound call, the hold button works.

(Note: I am pretty sure the two PBX systems are identical; I didn’t do anything fancy with either system, and I have gone through the configs on each system. The onyl real difference is that they have different SIP trunk providers)

I have run the Asterisk console with verbosity set to ‘9’ and I don’t see anything come up when I try to hit the hold button, so I can’t see any errors on the PBX side.

Any insight greatly appreciated!



“Nothing in my bank of snappy responses for this.” :slight_smile:

The first place I’d look is in the /var/log/asterisk/full log file. Try your test and watch the file fill out using “tail -F /var/log/asterisk/full”.

You could also try watching a call from the CLI (use “asterisk -vvvvvvvr” from the console.

If you don’t see anything hinky there, a SIP call trace should tell you what changes as the call goes forward.

Is the FreePBX system on the same site as the handset that doesn’t work properly for putting callers on hold?

Oddly a full power down of the server and power back up appears to have resolved this issue.

I was certain I had rebooted this server once or twice just in the normal course of configuring and testing, but I hadn’t done anything like that for this specific issue.