[Resolved] Cannot Download FPBX Framework

Sorry if this has been asked & solved, but I’ve been unable to find a solution.

I am attempting to upgrade my FreePBX Framework from to, but I’m unable to download the tarball. Regardless of what I try, it always gets to the same spot and stalls:

            `Downloading framework 1608464 of 2375325 (68%)'

-My disk is just over 50% full, so it’s not a disk space issue.
-I’ve modified the php.ini to allow 50MB files to be uploaded.
-I deleted /var/www/html/admin/modules/_cache/framework-
-Google has been no help either.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I was able to duplicate this on a test box. I believe my issue is somewhere in the configuration, but I wouldn’t know where to look.

On my test box, I installed with the same version of Asterisk (1.2.24) and began with an older version of FreePBX. I upgraded FreePBX all the way up to without incident.

As a test, I made a backup of the existing configuration and then “restored” from my installation onto my test box. As expected, “restoring” to a newer version of FreePBX did not happen without incident.

I then went back into the module admin. FreePBX Framework was reporting version instead of the newer version. My thought was that maybe I could force it at this point to re-upgrade to

What I did not expect to happen was for the download to stop at 68% again, just like it did on my production box.

Next, I took the FreePBX Framework tarball from a system that upgraded flawlessly and dropped it in the _cache directory and tried to upgrade again. The Module Admin didn’t show it as a locally available module, so that must be stored in the Db somewhere, and I’d like to avoid making changes to the Db if possible.

Is there anyway that I can either determine where my problem is or to upgrade manually?


try setting php.ini memory_limit=100MB

Gah! That was it exactly.

Made the change to php.ini and restarted httpd. Went to Module Admin and was able to download and install FreePBX on both my test machine and my production box.

Thanks so much!