Resident Care Call Button System Idea's

I have a deployment that we are looking at in which they are a Resident Care facility and each room has a call button for the nurses to come to the room.

We are looking at replacing it with Sangoma S700 for the business side and Akuvox R15P for the residents. ( Big Button Phone with SOS button and 3 large speed dial’s programmable from the phone itself and has a remote SOS Pendant. Great for Elderly)

So our situation is: Resident pushes Pendant putton -> Calls a RingGroup of Nurses assigned to that wing, which will have “RESIDENT CALL:Room#” in the Caller ID -> 1 minute no one picks up it Rings the Central Station for Nurses -> Still no one picks up -> Rings the Nursing Director (she will raise hell if her phone rings with this, which is what she wants. People complain about being ignored) -> Finally terminates back to Central Station indefinitely.

However we would like a software that can have all rooms listed on it and they can see who called then go over and tap it or something to confirm it was handled if noone picks up the call. Is this possible?

Yes, but all terminated calls are not directly available in asterisk, an mysql query into the asteriskcdrdb database will provide “history” the mysql asterisk database can be queried to identify “rooms” so a well constructed “union” mysql query would provide input to a webpage you could build, Retroactive calls back to an unhandled “distressed room” can be achieved with a “call-file” after your staff have so noticed such failure to respond. It should work just like a “nurses station” in any hospital