Reset feature codes for extension to default

If I have a user with a S500, and they’ve set a number of feature codes on or off for their handset.
How can I reset all feature codes to default settings for that extension?
Example, we have a receptionist, with very long nails, who has time and again, set or changed feature codes while working. After which we need to walk thru feature codes and set them back to defaults, is there a quick fashion to do this?

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What are those feature codes?

Also, always add passwords on Time Conditions and Call Flow Controls.

call forwarding, dnd, login into and out of queues.
I’ve noticed that a number of handsets, have issues with basic functions, such as tranferring calls, simple calling from another handset, but they do function within the queue properly.
On more than one occasion I’ve found the end user has accidentally, not understanding entered random function codes that effect that hand set, and no other.

So, when I look at 2 handsets, one working perfectly, the other which won’t accept call transfered to voicemail, or don’t receive calls from queue. I review settings, identical, but when you look at functions codes for the handset, such as DND, you find a feature on. I see it very often with receptionist, who has very long nails, and hits stray keys.

I don’t know that simply setting a handset to factory defaults, then reintroducing it to our pbx would help, if that extension still has some stray function set to on or off.

The Rule of Least Astonishment would lead me to believe that a Factory Reset from EPM should clear all of this. EPM will reload the phone with the configuration your EPM designates, and away you go.

I don’t use Sangoma phones, so this is a real question - isn’t there a way to lock the phone configuration so that only an admin can reset them.

Resetting phone, easy, but will that impact features that are on or off, and now out of sync what what would be default?

I don’t know - if I had one of these, I’d try it and see what happened.

Thank you, I’ll get that done and let you know.

For purposes of testing - just do one. If it clears and resets everything, you’re golden. If it doesn’t, I’d recommend putting in an Issues ticket with Sangoma and see if they have any better suggestions.

perfect, thank you.

Resetting handset to factory default, is meaning less to the system. Which makes sense, since the phone and Endpoint manager, will automatically configure the phone.

So, I then deleted the 2 config files in /tftpboot/cfg113-states.xml and cfgmacaddess.xml, which did erase some settings, but the phone still displayed the same issues.

I then deleted the extension, 113, from extensions and from Endpoint manager, but it never full disappeared from Endpoint manager.

After that I attempted to recreate the ext, but even though its not listed in Extensions, I could not, since the gui would inform me 113 still assigned to user_name.

Reconfigured phone with new extension, which does cause some issues related to business function. But, the phone still displays the same errors, if you attempt to send a call to ext 114, message will state that is not a real extension.

There is someplace in Freepbx, that I’m still leaving a setting or config file that retains the setting. Don’t know how to remove any reference from Endpoint manager. Which seems to retain a record of sorts.

I’d take a reference to this thread and submit an Issues ticket to see if it’s something in the way the phone is getting configured. A factory reset should get rid of all of the phone’s settings, which can then be reset by the config files on the server. If the options are wrong in the config files, the problem is with EPM. The UCP -> extension problem should probably be dealt with as well, since it appears that this relationship is getting hammered in a new and exciting way that violates the Rule of Least Astonishment for me.

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