Reserve extension to trunk(number) without custom context module

Also, can you please explain the pattern beginning with 8006? I would assume (based on the Wikipedia article which may not be correct) that to call a domestic mobile you would dial 86xxxxxxx.

Different people in the country are used to dialing mobile numbers differently. +9936xxxxxxx is if you want to call from abroad (it also works inside the country). Other people are used to calling replacing +9936 with 8006xxxxxxx or 86xxxxxxx. We have made such dial plans for the convenience of users.

Now I’m testing this option with different extensions.

Unless you’re sure that the VOIP patterns won’t match any of the various ways to dial mobile numbers, you should put the VOIP route after GTS.

Also it appears that two of your OutboundRoutexxxxxx are flagged as IntraCompany, which you probably don’t want.

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