We are testing out grafana for one of our instances and we came across an error that says that is missing! We are running asterisk 18. I did and asterisk swicth to asterisk 20 and it was there. We went back to 18 and it was gone again. We would like to try and not switch to 18 yet. How would can I get the module without switching to asterisk 20.

It is in 18, it was added in 18. Asterisk 18 Configuration_res_prometheus - Asterisk Project - Asterisk Project Wiki

I am running it on 18. Can you provide some more details? Such as version of 18 you are on.

Edit: Actually it seems to have made it in during Asterisk 17.

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The version is 18.9-cert4. We do have other PBXs with Asterisk 18 (I will have to check what version) that have the file, but for some reason, this PBX does not.

A certified version may well not have that module, as certified versions are only configured to support the things covered by a Sangoma maintenance contract. If you have such a contract, you should use it. If you don’t, you should be using 18.17.0, or the current release of Asterisk 20.

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Correct. The res_prometheus module is extended support and is not supported in or built by default in certified. It has to be explicitly enabled in “make menuselect”.


Oh okay, that is good to know. Thank you for all your responses everyone!

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