Res_pjsip_registrar.c:637 register_aor_core: Unable to bind contact

Hi all. Help me pls.
I Use Version FreePBX 14.0.11 and Asterisk 13.22.0. In process worked i get error:

[2019-05-16 09:32:11] ERROR[7833]: config_options.c:946 aco_set_defaults: Unable to set default for 3551;@c822568d3313ca918e02a9f4e84c8737, qualify_timeout=3.0
[2019-05-16 09:32:11] ERROR[7833]: res_pjsip_registrar.c:637 register_aor_core: Unable to bind contact ‘sip:[email protected]:5060’ to AOR ‘3551’

incoming call no worked, outcoming worked.
status endpoint - Not in use

Problem solved if i restart asterisk but error retry later

What should I pay attention to?

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