Res_Phoneprov provision

Is there a way, or some module that lets you integrate the default provisioning with freepbx. So I currently have 3 asterisk servers (non freepbx) and I have about 400 polycom phones all using res_phoneprov for provision with custom templates.

Whats the way to do this in freepbx? Obviously i can make res_phoneprov work but not sure how to integrate it into the gui.

These serves are running RealTime asterisk architecture and based on what I’ve read I will need to be not in ara.

Get Polycom redirector, it’s called Zero Touch.
Load the MAC addressed and point them to your PBX.

To make it better. Upgrade to FreePBX with EndPointManger
Now you can just add the mac address and your phone shows up on the PBX. Just make changes to templated and control phones by a group. Add phones apps and CM for UCP and let end users program all the features of the phones from the User Control Panel.

When I look at the zero touch it looks like it requries a reseller account at polycom.

I guess the endpointmanger is likely easily. The Res_phonprov works pretty well so I see that a loss, but it has to better than the amount of dailplan I write on a daily basis. I can’t keep up.

If your no running FreePBX distro or the FreePBX as an add-on to asterisk, what brings you here?

Converting to freepbx.

Smart move. Once you have converted over to FreePBX you can use the Commercial End Point Manager to completely manage those 400 phones via the GUI.

FreePBX is not free. FreePBX = Freedom
Get the Admin and End Point Manager for just one box. Test it out.
I would bet more than 50% of us get one if not both of them.