I think I would like to (ab)use this a bit.
Not sure why res_calander isn’t used more.


  • wakeup calls without call files
  • google Calender based extension level time conditions
  • google calendar based global time conditions

I use Google calendar as a suggestion because a good chunk of folks already use it and its supported . also I can do fuzzy time in google like “every third Thursday in November”

For those who are not google fans or prefer to not need to be tethered to the interweb the module supports caldev, iCal, and ews.

I think (haven’t looked in to it) you can simply store the fields in mysql and when asked for them you simply present the data in the expected format such as iCal.


We need more Google Integration globally but Google is always a wild card. You never know when they will break something. Internally we have talked about ical support in time conditions, which will probably be seen in 13.