Rerouting incoming DID to another FPBX server


I have a bulk of DIDs pointed to my server from a wholesale VOIP provider. From my server I have a few clients I’d like to ‘resell’ service too. In an ideal world, I’d like to make a trunk for them like I have from my provider.

I created an extension on my server, and on the remote-server (dynamic ip) I created a trunk with minimal settings for incoming and outgoing and confirmed it registers with my server. (It’s for a large home with lots of intercoms and phones, so it has to have an on-site server)

For incoming, I created an incoming DID for the number and pointed it to the extension. *** However, when the number is called, you get the default asterisk voice stating the number is not available and hangs up. I’ve confirmed the number(s) do work, and even connected the remote server to my provider.


This is how we do it:
Create an IAX2 trunk between them, at the far end make sure the context is "from-zaptel"
At the far end assign your DID’s in the normal fashion
At the near end make sure the routing includes the DID numbers.

We also had to change the context of our PRI to “from-internal” to make this work

Thanks for the response.

Still only getting “The Number you have dialed is not in service…”

The funny thing is I had it working a few weeks ago and then all of the sudden on the install date it didn’t work anymore. The issue then was changing “Allow Anonymous Incoming…” in General Settings to yes. But I’ve tripled checked everything, and for the life of me I can not understand why it isn’t working now…

My DIDs on my server are SIP registered to my server from my provider.

Anything else?