Reroute outbound calls to specific phone numbers

Hello FreePBX community,

We’ve recently completed the transfer of all of our phone numbers to our FreePBX system. There are different phone numbers for each office. Back when we had landlines, the only way one office could reach another was to make an outbound call. But since everything is on one system now, users don’t have to make a outbound call to connect to another office- they can just dial an extension or queue number. But, they still dial the phone number and use up 2 SIP channels- something I want to stop.
So- How can I set it up so that if an user dials phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx, it reroutes the call to queue or a specific extension and keeps the call internal?

Thank for the help!

One easy way is to make a “loop-back” trunk to and route such calls to that trunk

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Create a Misc Application with the same digits as the DID you want to intercept, then direct to whatever destination you want. Feature Codes supersede outbound calls.

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Create an outbound route using just the phone numbers you want to block, put the route higher in priority than your “normal” route, and route them to an Announcement telling them to dial the extension directly, or to a ring group that rings the office.

You can also use the Misc. Applications Module to accomplish the same thing.

However, be sure to capture all variations of the outbound DID that could be dialed. i.e.

555-1212 (if you allow 7 digit dialing)

Capturing all of them is easier using the Outbound Routes module. You can set-up one outbound route that captures all three methods of dialing. Misc. Applications will require you to set-up 2 or three of them to capture all of the methods of dialing.

I have a simple AGI script that advanced users can use to automatically intercept and redirect all outbound calls to any DID defined in the inbound routes.

Thank you all for the suggestions. I ended up creating outbound routes that sent calls to specific queues because that seemed to be the easiest way to do it.

Thanks again for the help!