Reroute calls wether there is people or not

Hi, this is my first post here so HI EVERYONE!

Well, I just got in a company for working in an Asterisk proyect. The thing is that we need to know if FreePBX is able to handle all things that we want the PBX to do.

The only one that I have doubts on wether FreePBX will suport it or not is rerouting users. I will explain myself. We are a multinational company and we have the headquarters here at Spain. We have some other offices there in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, UK… We would like to do the next:

If a client is calling to Madrid but no one is able to answer (he’s calling at night, no one is at the office, …), is it possible to tell FreePBX tou route the call to another office through VPN? I know FreePBX handles routing, but not sure at all if there is support to this kind of conditions (if something do somethinge else).

Thank you very much in advance.

You can route calls between PBX’s across any IP connection.

I have my FreePBX plugged into a Zultys box right now, calls are routed through it to me and my testbed.

Of course I’ve seen 5 Asterisk systems set up in an IVR/audio processing mightmare, you can go crazy if you have the time and can plan it out right.

Yes, SkykingOH is right because this is VoIP, you can route calls to any IP or domain. But have to tak care with VPN that it is connected all the time and it is not openVPN which is connected when you use it and disconnect after you have done your work. Also there is another issue with VPN that when internet goes down for even a couple of minutes, VPN dies unless there is a auto re-connect setting.