Requiring login

is there a way to require login to the freepbx site without using .htaccess? Do i have to add my own authentication logic into it. I have using version

Look at AUTHTYPE in the Administrators menu under the Setup tab.

MPORTANT WARNING! Read before using this module
Do not use this if the PBX is exposed to the Internet. The default FreePBX uses Apache security. Enabling database mode changes the security mode and could result in having your server hacked and thousands of dollars in phone charges.
IMPORTANT WARNING! Read before using this module

If you enable AUTHTYPE after you have added users it will lock you out of FreePBX. You must have NO USERS CREATED before you turn it on.
If you have already tried to add users before changing AUTHTYPE to ‘database’, delete them, before enabling ‘database’.
If you have already tried to add users and changed AUTHTYPE to ‘database’, turn it back off, and then delete any existing users.

webserver - FreePBX provides access control only, no authentication. A username passed by the webserver is assumed to be logged in successfully, and is given the rights that user has in the ampuser table (managed from the ‘Administrators’ page in the GUI). If the username is the same as AMPDBUSER, then they are given admin rights.

This method should only be used when the webserver is providing some kind of authentication, for example by .htaccess files, Apache’s mod_auth_ldap, etc. Warning: without providing protection, ANY user name passed, regardless of the password, will be accepted! A misconfigured webserver can leave your system unsecure.

Run /usr/src/AMP/ after making changes to this file

thank you for the instruction. I really had a hard time logging in this site. I will just finish writing my thesis then I will do this.