Require User Login to use an Outbound Trunk

Reposted originally from the Trixbox forums.

I have enabled the user login/logoff feature codes (*11/*12) on FreePBX and have configured the corresponding devices and users. My devices are configured as follows:

Device Type = Adhoc
Default User = none

Everything’s working great! However, I would like to implement a security measure wherein the user is required to login first before he/she can make an outside call.

It would be great if FreePBX had a built-in solution where the user - or more specifically an agent - can login once, make calls for his or her entire shift, and then logoff. The phone will then be unusable (except probably for dialing local extensions) until a new user or agent logs in.

Any leads on how to do this?


Found what I was looking for in FreePBX Ticket #1690.