Require Authorization Code for all calls

Hi have a user who has a phone (SPA941) at a shared location, and we’d like to require an auth code for all calls, both internal and external. What’s the most straight forward way to accomplish this?

One way it should work with the Custom Contexts module is to set everything relevant to Deny, especially ext-local, and ext-group
At the very bottom of the page are the Failover Destinations with provision for a PIN entry.

I actually use this feature to limit access between certain extensions with Allow-Rules, so it should work.

I’m on core. I’m able to make this work for outbound calls, but internal calls still seem to bypass my routes. I created a route with “.” as the match and the extension as the callerid, which works for out but not internal ext to ext or to bridge calls.

you are not going to be able to do this for internal calls without doing some custom dialplan work.

There may be a convoluted solution using the Custom Context module and a custom loopback trunk or something similar, but it would be fairly ugly.

assuming you are running 2.7 or 2.8, you can make routes that only apply to that extension using the CallerID field in the outbound routing and require a password or pincode set for that/those routes.

The routes should come before your other routes.