Request - mailbox= causing problems (also posted on TrixBox)

I have an Audiocodes mp-124.

In the sip_additional.conf “mailbox=” causes this message in the cli.

– Got SIP response 481 “Call/Transaction Does Not Exist” back from

If you have 24 lines defined it will display it 24 times every couple of seconds for every Audiocodes box. I have 5 of them, as you can see this is a problem.

In FreePBX it “mailbox=” can not be removed because it just puts it right back.
Is there anyway we can have a checkbox put next to that item or a “do not insert” option?

I’ve found other threads with this problem with no solution because people did not know what was causing it. Anyway this is what causes it.

In lieu of the request can someone point me to the code so that I can comment that out so it does not add it to the sip_addition.conf?


You can use phpMyAdmin to make changes to the asterisk database, which is where the stuff in the additional.conf files is held.