Request for phone model suggestion

Hello all

I need to buy a voip phone with the following requirements and I was wondering if you lovely folks could recommend something cheap and cheerful to do the job. I need it to be already compatible with FreePBX features or be easily programmed to be as follows:

1 - sign in and sign out
----- I want the user to be able to press a button on the phone and be on or off
----- the implication of this is that the user is a member of a ring group and if the user is not “logged in”, the call gets automatically forwarded as programmed. Currently (and this could well be due to my less than advanced knowledge of FreePBX), the user has to sign in to his user page on FreePBX via web and do this or dial in a lot of codes each time on the phone
----- press of a single button would greatly help here

2 - forward a call to someone else
----- just press a button to forward and dial the next person’s extension or external number

3 - Voicemail , DND, etc…
---- preprogrammed button or programmable button so the user can just press a button and go to voicemail or enable DND and other such features

4 - wireless headset
---- ideally support directly or via a dongle, etc… a wireless headset. This could be bluetooth or similar technology so the user can constantly wear the headset and walk around (this is in a small cafe) and answer or disconnect a call by pressing a button on the headset
----- incidentally, if you could recommend a headset as above I would be ever so grateful

5 - sound quality
----- This will be used in a noisy environment. Loud, clear sound is essential

Best wishes and thank you for your help, in advance


You can do all of that with pretty much any IP phone. The only part to watch out for would be the bluetooth support. I rather like the Cisco 8845 and have all of what you mention in action now. It does take a bit of work though and they are not recommended unless you know what you are doing.

The Sangoma units seem to be good, but there’s no bluetooth support (that I can see)

People speak well of most Polycom devices and they’re known for their good audio quality. Personally (and really for a handset, personal opinion is lots of it) I dislike their configuration process so I avoid them.

The Grandstream and Yealink range have much to offer if you can accept their appearances.
I’d suggest buying a few something of a selection and seeing what works for you.

I have only used bluetooth with my mobile and I am not a huge fan personally. It may be I am using too cheap of headsets or the Android BT stack but I always get audio complaints. Music seems fine but voice quality leaves something to be desired.

For my desk phone (currently Sangoma S700) I use a jabra and it works fantastic. It (the jabra) does have audio adjustments on the base so you can tune it so that helps.

Also dect headsets are more desirable for distance. Bluetooth seems to get bad as you gain distance. Dect has gotten me everywhere I need to be. Sometimes pretty far from my desk.

Fair point about the DECT, I used to use a Plantronics CS60 and it was amazing. Great range and audio quality, didn’t have EHS integration for the phone I used it with though. Get that part right and you’re golden.

Bluetooth wise, I’ve had good luck with the jawbone devices. I’ve an older model of the Era, need to get around to buying the new one. Good but expensive.

We’re using Akuvox deskphones - don’t know if they’re available where you are (I’m in UK). The SP-R59P model is relatively cheap but seems well built and has all the features you want, with the exception of a workable login/out app. We are using FreePBX in Device & User mode, meaning we can do the login/out with *21 (takes you to voice-prompted login) and *22 (for logout). Works brilliantly and is obviously available on any phone.

I love the look of the new Sangoma phones but they weren’t in stock here in the UK by the time I had to push the Buy button :frowning: .