I have the same problem others have had but can’t figure it out. Reports show that there is no Data!!! so I checked permissions and made sure the module is loading and still nothing.
So I inserted the data into the DB by hand and it shows up so I know its not username and password error, also permissions are set on the DB user.
Anyone have any other ideas how to fix this?

You don’t note what release you’re using. Due to distribution limitations some may not include a necessary component/package. Check out the end of this thread:

Sorry, I forgot to mention the package…

FreePBX v
Asterisk v

I will look at that link now.

Looking at the CLI and typing command “module show like sql” I see this.

The use count is 0, I take it that is normal? I am sorry about all these newb questions but for 26 years on Microsoft products I think you can understand… But I am finding my way around linux slowly. lol

How did you get to having this installed? Did you use asterisknow?

Jumping to my post in the other thread at

The only steps I was missing in that is to restart everything. (Like Microsoft likes to do too!) You don’t need to restart the computer but an ‘amportal restart’ is necessary.

ok, I got it working now… how did I come to this version… well I followed a lot of peoples advice and lots of upgrades, downgrades is the reason.
I originally downloaded the latest version and burnt it to a disc from the freepbx website. I hate to follow too many peoples advice because you end up changing so many variables in the standard install, so anyway I did try a yum update which I did on a previous install, but it messed with my Cisco 7960. I just did the yum update and everything is working as it should!
Right now I am very happy and thank you for the link, it helped…

Cool beans