Reports, stat graph problems


I am having problems displaying the stat graphs on the reports tab. None of the stat graphs are displayed. I get an error message in the Firefox error console. I also tested it in IE, and all the stat graphs display the little red X.

There is also one line in /var/log/httpd/error_log that may or may not be related:
script not found or unable to stat: /var/www/cgi-bin/

I looked, and there are no files in /var/www/cgi-bin, should there be any?

I used wget to capture the data coming from the php script. The file is 3 bytes long and contains the following hex data: 0A0A0A

From the error console in Firefox when trying to view daily load:

Error: Image corrupt or truncated:
Source File:
Line: 0

When trying to view monthly traffic:

Error: Image corrupt or truncated:
Source File:
Line: 0

System is as follows:

All other parts of the web interface are working correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas what I might be doing wrong (or have configured incorrectly)? Although, I really haven’t made any modifications to the default installation other than configuring Asterisk. What other info might be helpful in finding the solution?

Thank you,

I did more digging, found out that is totally unrelated.

I turned off PHP buffering, and now I see the following error when trying to display any call statistics graphs:

JpGraph Error: HTTP headers have already been sent.
Caused by output from file at line 98.