Reports on trunk utilization

Does anyone have any suggestions for a reporting tool or process to get trunk utilization? For example I have X amount of SIP channels from my provider and am trying to just keep tabs on when I might need to purchase more.

Thanks in advance.

FreePBX creates CEL logs so through MySQL-fu this could be easily created.

There is the 3rd party module, Call Statistics, here:


Enable SNMP in Asterisk and query your number of channels in use every minute. Granted this is easier if you have a monitoring infrastructure already in place, but as it’s a simple counter you can use things like MRTG to track the numbers.

All great answers, thanks everyone !

@lgaetz i have install call statistics this is what im getting thank you

You’ve resurrected a 4 year old thread. Times have moved on, Call Statistics hasn’t.

@bajramia It’s open source (a POSSA package) that no one has maintained. If you need this, perhaps it’s your way of contributing to the project?

Thank you guys I was just looking for a report on concurent calls so i fund this one i disnt know is left behind thank you for information.