Reports for Blended agents (in/out)

I see there is a nice report section for queues where I can see how productive each agent is. The issue is this wont show the agents outbound calls.

Is there a way to get outbound calls from the queue into a report?

CDR Reports makes very little sense without having to dissect what every lines means and then doesnt have any of the hold, or percentage info.

There is literally no such thing as “outbound calls from the queue”, unless perchance some of your queue agents are not on local extensions, in which case you can do agent reports on them like any other.

Not outbound from a queue. An agent making outbound calls. I’m looking to find the agents productivity without having to go through multiple reports.

What agent repot do you use to see full productivity of in/out calls?

Again queue reports can only report on queueus and queues in Asterisk are only inbound. Extension make outboind calls not agents so no such report would exist.

I’m aware of how it functions that is why I am seeing if there is a way to get a report that shows an agent full productivity showing their outbound and inbound calls in a clean easy to read report similar to the queue report.

Ok the answer is no to that. It doesn’t exist in any reports.

What would be the process to find out the counts, call times for just outbound then?