Reports doesn't work - HELP

Hi all!

I’m new to FreePBX and my boss asked me to get a report of all external calls from a specific source.

I’m using FreePBX

My problem is:
I click on the Reports tab and I choose source that begins with 577 and destination that begins with 0 (for external calls).

The result was that I get the list of the calls but it looks like all the calls are to our reception. except for one extension that shows the external calls but not all of them.
I checked with the people behind the extensions and they said they’ve dialed external numbers every day.

I tried to get a report for the last month, the last year and the results are the same.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sort by the CID of that extension.

Also FreePBX 2.7 is old, unsupported and needs to be upgraded.