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Hi. I use Reports -> Asterisk Info a lot for multiple reasons - to see what extensions are up and running, to get IP addresses of the phones, etc. but I have to admit the latest versions have not so great UI - needs a lot of scrolling, too much details sometimes etc. I’d love to see UI with something like bootstrap accordion so by default I can see a short list with all extensions and each will have a dropdown button to open up more details.
Is it possible to modify current view (I’m pretty OK with writing my own HTML,CSS,JS) and if it is can someone point me to right direction where to start ???


This module, like many other ones, is open source.

If you come up with something nice, please consider contributing to the project.

Thank you.

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Other options can be to:

Bringing visibility is a great first step. Feature requests are not a “quick turnaround”


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