Reporting solution

doe you have unswered = yes set?

I understand what you mean but I am looking for failed calls so no.

That should not be a problem the disposition is different,. you should read that link, particularly

disposition ANSWERED An indication of what happened to the call. This may be NO ANSWER, FAILED, BUSY, ANSWERED, or UNKNOWN.

Thanks. I appreciate you trying to help.

Failed and No Answer produce the above mentioned result. In theory I could filter out one or the other in the CDR report but not both.

Also when I look at the CDR report to see if anything sticks out (fraud, tech issues, etc…) I need to see all calls, especially failed calls.

Unfortunately the old CDR especially if wrapped up with a2billing was never very good, that’s why CEL, but a decent very specific sql query will always get what you want (think order by X LIMIT 1) , just not from the GUI.

So this isn’t only my problem and others faced too.
I should add two points:

  • In some cases, I see the log of calls in console, but I can’t find any CDR for that. It isn’t for specific case (I couldn’t find a specific case for that yet)
  • In some cases when calls are transferred, I see two calls with different caller-id for that. So it’s very confusing.

So we decide to make a CDR with using the AMI and based on events.

This is what CEL was designed for. Writing something else using ARI based on events is the same thing that CEL does.

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Maybe. So for both solution you have to implement something to work and be reliable. Asterisk CDR is not reliable.

CDR is reliable but insufficient, that is why CEL came about.

When you can’t use it for reporting, it’s not reliable. when you should use other thing like CEL, and fill the holes, I think it’s not useful.

You need an online and realtime CDR, so you can’t spend many time to extract the issues from CDR and then reference to CEL.

Please let me know if this is not right?!

I agree the old CDR reporting is inadequate, but you have an odbc connection available to anywhere and you can extract what you want if it doesn’t suit

You mean CDR records to the database like MySQL?
If the answer is yes, I do this now, and I found this things in that.

I got it right?

You probably have two tables in asteriskcdrdb, the old cdr and the more vociferous cel, compare and contrast. . .

CEL is another module. You can use that module to do what you want.

I don’t get it.

Isn’t it easier to add a couple of filters to the existing CDR module (which is a rewrite from 2.9) rather than rewriting the entire module again?

CEL is not a rewrite