Replicating the same IVR across several "tenants"

I have a fairly complicated set of IVRs that make up a call center for an office. The same customer has multiple offices just like this one.

It is tedious to recreate the basic structure of each IVR each time, when all that is going to change will be recording names, IVR names, etc.

I’m wondering if anyone has come up with a way to replicate the structure of one IVR into a new one. This would sure be helpful!


take a box, make your base setup - and then use the freepbx back/restore module.

copy backup to flash drive etc

then install on new box, after install, copy backup to new box, then tell freepbx to restore it.


if all these machine are idential - take a look at clonezilla - make a image of your base setup, burn to cd, then restore to new box.